Rental Ready Makes

These are typically house and apartment units that need to be turned over for tenants.

kitchen, dining, interior
Renovations and Remodeling

Upscale does roofing, windows, vinyl siding, flooring of all types, and deck to name a few.


Occasionally we do 3 types of rehabs: Rentals, Standard, and Custom. The rental rehabs are typically requested by out of state investors who, in most cases, need repairs to their property so that the home may be rented by Section 8, Shelter Plus, Eden, and cash tenants. The standard rehab consists of making upgrades to bring the house up to code and to have a great look so that it may be sold. The custom rehab allows the power of decisions to be placed in the buyer’s hands. They select the colors, vinyl, flooring, paint, roof, carpet, kitchen, and baths. In certain cases, the buyer will have to pay for items but Upscale will install them as part of the rehab. This gives them the feeling of building a home by allowing clients to design the home of their dreams.

Insurance Jobs

Most owners feel like it is as easy as picking up the phone and making the claim. This is true; however, the insurance company's claim adjuster represents the best interest of the insurance company and oftentimes (not always) will try to reduce or minimize the claim itself. Our motto is to make sure that our owner doesn’t get short changed. We use the same software that is used by the insurance adjuster to ensure accuracy and transparency in calculating the damages. This is our quality care to our clients and the rest is doing the work and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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